I know you’re busy so I try to keep things short. My name is Tom and here’s how I can help you: No matter how you are gambling online, no matter for how long, where, if you’re betting 10 bucks a day or 10000. There’s something you’re missing. And this can hurt. I’m involved in this industry for over a decade and been on every side of the industry. I’m playing myself, I’ve been working for online casinos as support guy, as affiliate manager and I’ve done affiliating myself meaning that I introduced thousands of players to online casinos.

To make a long story short: Your first problem is that you need advice. Your second is that you are not aware of it. Why? Because nobody made you aware of it! The whole industry does not want you to be aware of it. So the odds are against you!

Here’s how I can help and I won’t charge you for this. I’m doing this because in all these years I have seen a lot of dirty things. Casinos refusing to pay, casinos tricking Roulette tables, casinos greasing authorities, casinos gambling with their players money (no joke) and so on. Why do I know better? Because I’m deeply connected within this industry and if there’s something going on I’m one of the first.

Anyways, you have two choices. You either just leave this page and keep playing where you play don’t giving a shit. Or you just drop your email here and I’ll send you a couple of emails. I won’t spam you. I hate spam myself so bad that only allowed email addresses can reach my email account any more. I don’t want to annoy you so every couple of days you’ll receive an email with stuff that is highly relevant for you. Some of the things you will not enjoy reading because it’s just brutal. The truth hurts sometimes. But it will open your eyes. And that’s what matters at the end of the day.

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